Uh-oh: Is graphene oxide in those “vaccines”? (We know it’s used to treat those paper masks—and that it’s carcinogenic)

From Douglas Yates:

An organization is Spain asserts nanoparticles of graphene oxide is a vector for Covid-19. Using micro-photography, it claims graphene oxide is in the vax. The majority of the Orwell City site is in Spanish. Videos below have English subtitles.

Additional URLs feature details that enlarge understanding of graphene oxide safety and the role of introducing metal into the brain to facilitate mind/machine communication. Can you say ‘brave new world’?

Searching BitChute produced this result:

Questions: How much time will pass before the MSM is allowed to report these discoveries? (90 days or three years?) How many more people will be maimed and killed by zealots craving an optimized economy?

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