This librarian (in Flagstaff, Arizona!) was FIRED for arguing that libraries should be apolitical, and not boost BLM

Hello Professor Miller,

Thanks for all you do. I just discovered you online.

In my case, I was fired (after 9 years) as a public librarian inFlagstaff, AZ for arguing, on a library list-serve, that librariesshould remain apolitical (the American Library Associationhad solicited librarians to join Black Lives Matter and I objected).

There is a total blackout of my story in the library journal world.Only two small news organizations covered my story:

I started a website, the Underground Library Free Thinkers Association, at :

Good luck to your efforts, and if there’s anything I can do to help The Cause against “cancel culture,” please let me know.

It is a suffocating monster.

Ron Kelley

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