The magnetism in those COVID-19 faux-vaccines (it’s really there) helps force the mRNA into cells throughout the body (MUST-WATCH/READ)

Dr. Jane Ruby explains the science of magnetofaction:

From Josh Mitteldorf:

Generally, the technology seems to involve an external magnet to direct the magnetized nanoparticles. But there is another effect that is less intuitive. “In addition, the magnetic field pulls the magnetic nanoparticles into the target cells, which also helps to increase the uptake of DNA.”

Of concern: “Despite broad application of nanotechnology in neuroscience, the nanoneurotoxicity of magnetic nanoparticles in primary hippocampal neurons remains poorly characterized. In particular, understanding how magnetic nanoparticles perturb neuronal calcium homeostasis is critical when considering magnetic nanoparticles as a nonviral vector for effective gene therapy in neuronal diseases.” source

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