The 2021 G7 Summit is a gathering of psychopathic frauds (and I say that with all due respect)

Since last summer, if not earlier, it’s been obvious to those paying close attention that the star exemplars and enforcers of Covidian discipline— Dr. Fauci, the Cuomo brothers, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Neil Ferguson, among many others—were, while telling all of us to mask and “social distance,” not doing it themselves.

What this tells us isn’t just that all those psychopaths are hypocrites. More importantly, it tells us that they really don’t believe there’s any need for the “precautions” they’ve made such a big show out of pushing on the rest of us; and what this tells us, unmistakably, is that, being psychopaths, they have complete contempt for all the rest of us—just as their masters do.

Look at Macron, Biden, Johnson and Trudeau (and Queen Elizabeth) all merrily hobnobbing with each other, face to face and arm in arm. Then look at the all the chumps out there still creeping, with their masks on (some with visors), up and down the streets, still making their own children put on masks to play outdoors, still using their elbows when their hands would do, and still keeping a faux-protective “barrier” of several feet between themselves and everybody else.

It’s hard to say how many of those folks are simply misinformed, and would stop doing those things at once if they knew better, and how many are devoted Branch Covidians, sticking with the COVID discipline because they think it “keeps them safe” (and shows us that they’re “good”).

We must try to tell the difference, and then work to tell the former to snap out of it, and thereby grow our numbers, so that we don’t lose, and They (the powers behind those smirking operatives) don’t win.

Tommy Robinson’s question:

The 95-year-old Queen today with world leaders who entered the UK without quarantine, no social distancing, no masks, less than 8 weeks after she sat alone in a mask burying her husband of more than 70 years. What on earth is going on!?

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