That “insurrection” at the Capitol was (obviously) nothing more than fascist choreography, as this video makes clear

That is to say, this video will make it clear to anyone whose minds are not impaired by Trump Derangement Syndrome. (My emails on the subject have so enraged a few subscribers—including the old hippie who was managing my website—that they’ve unsubscribed from NFU, after pelting me with lunatic abuse.)

This is no joke, nor is it a minor matter, because that state charade on January 6th has served precisely as the Reichstag fire served Hitler—i.e., as a pretext to round up a lot of people wholly innocent of any crimes, and jail them under grim conditions that amount to torture.

So anybody on “the left” who thinks that that’s okay, or just won’t protest it, is complicit in the imposition of a fascist system that will one day snatch them, too, should they step out line in any way.

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