Significant (?) Chinese COVID-19 gene data removed from NIH database

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In Oct 2020, Dr. Cowan found data on the CDC website saying that they had 37 pairs from the “virus” and then used a computer simulation to fill in the rest of the 30,000 pairs. (this is apparently how they do it in the sham science of virology) Entire article is worth a read because they demonstrated that the “virus” is harmless to humans.
In Virus Mania, they show that virologists have been on a crime spree for decades with massive scientific fraud, coming up with phantom viruses as cover for corporate poisoning. Earlier version here: (newest edition includes covid- you can buy online). The fraud in virology has been going on for decades and is the basis for the insane vaccine schedule that is stealing lives of the kids.
They lied about HIV causing AIDS (as Dr. Kary Mullis said “they made it up”). And they lied about polio- see Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ lecture online about polio sickness actually being caused by DDT (a neurotoxin) More on that here and They were warned that DDT would cause mass sickness, but did the mass spraying anyway- and were directly spraying kids! I’m almost thinking the whole massive spraying campaign was a deliberate operation, so they could get started on their “deadly virus” psyop and vaccine scam.
Also, for anyone with time, I highly recommend going through that site–so much has been hidden from us (old studies showing pertussis and other childhood illnesses or “viral” infections easily treated with vitamins, but we’re not allowed to know that because it cuts into big-pharma’s profits). It’s absolutely criminal that they have been able to get away with this. I’m starting to think that the medical establishment/mafia is a bigger killer than the US war machine.

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