“Queen of the Forest” (a respite from the usual darkness)

Here’s a song I wrote back in the Nineties, when I had a band at JHU. That’s me singing.

The arrangement, and the instrumentation, were all the doing of Topher Sisson, a friend from my days in Baltimore.


3 replies on ““Queen of the Forest” (a respite from the usual darkness)”

Amazing. Great…everything. Composition, singing, arrangement, solos. I miss that genre.
Hopefully you still get a chance to compose and sing.

Interesting song. I listened to it with headphones, but was only getting audio in the left ear. My headphones seem to be fine, though.

Anyway, your song is a lot better than most songs that hit the charts these days. 🙂 Just curious–did your band ever record a full album?

Wow… (what he said). Real nice job.
The Chorus is kinda cryptic.
Any chance you could post the lyrics?

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