On my Substack (finally!), and my talk today (Sunday) at the protest in Foley Square

Our Substack is now up and running, thanks to Jimmy Han; so please subscribe, at As you’ll see, how much you pay for it is up to you; and, as promised, we’ll comp those who have emailed me requesting it.

Since Substack does not offer any digest option, I’m trying to figure out how I will use it; I think I’ll keep on sending some stuff out via this list-serve—single articles that I think others ought to see, with little or no commentary by myself—while using Substack for the more substantial pieces of my own. I’m always mindful of those NFU subscribers who don’t want their inboxes filling with my daily missives, so this informal approach may be a viable solution.

Let me know if you have any questions. Meanwhile, I remind you that I’ll be speaking at the protest in Foley Square today, concerning the fascistic imprisonment of all those dragged off to federal prison, where they languish on no charges, and in torturous conditions, for participation in, or some vaguer connection to, the “insurrection” on January 6th.

Those of you in NYC should be there if you can. (It starts at noon.) For those who can’t, I’m told that the event will be live-streamed via this link (don’t ask me why):

(I think it also will be live-streamed via the Pete Santilli Show, so you should check that website if the one above turns out to be dysfunctional.)

One reply on “On my Substack (finally!), and my talk today (Sunday) at the protest in Foley Square”

Thank you for reminded those in attendance at Foley Sq. Sunday of the persistence of the “divide and conquer” imperial tactic and the looming “Cyber Polygon” and its possible implications. What does it take to get a person/group to “snap-out” of a conditioned mind-set? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Take care.

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