New York and California lead the nation (into a totalitarian hell)

That’s California, where the Berkeley Free Speech Movement bloomed, and where Ramparts came from; and New York, which gave us Greenwich Village, with its once-invaluable Village Voice, and where (in the New York far, far outside the city) Woodstock happened, like a miracle (and right in the middle of a real pandemic, that actually killed many people all around the world).

And those are just a few examples of what’s vanished from those coastal states (“Don’t it always seem to go,/ That you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone?”), each now doing its bit to drag America deep down into the hell-hole of the New World Order.

From Diana Cook:

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Okay, looks like there are some problems in the bill that DeSantis signed that supposedly banned the vaccine passports:
Here’s a lawyer’s take on it (haven’t listened yet) -says they just legalized the crap that went on with Covid so they can do it again:
Not sure where I’m going to flee to now. Looks like we need to read all the bills that supposedly banned the vax passport and make sure that’s all that in there.

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