Most “COVID deaths” in UK are among the “fully vaccinated,” as hospital attendance breaks records

From a friend in Liverpool:

This is ominous. The breaking A&E [Attendances & Emergency] records may be mostly from those who have been vaccine injured.

My hairdresser, who lives in Northwest UK, showed me horrific photos of her mum’s serious skin rash on her legs a few days after 2nd pfizer shot, as she was on holiday in Wales. She was admitted to a hospital, where they said it was ‘cellulitis,’ and/or that she had a bug bite. Apparently many patients at A&E are suffering quite a lot of “cellulitis‎,” but no one’s asking if/when they had had a 1st or 2nd C-vax jab.

Another hairdresser said her Dad got really ill after his Cvax jab, has lost the feeling in his hands and feet.

So in the NHS’s A&E wards they have no idea whether the C-vax jabs are causing serious injury, they’re treating symptoms as if they were caused by a bug bite, or, as in Christian Eriksen’s case, some genetic cardiological pre-condition.

While I was in the salon—this was one afternoon last week—the hairdresser commented that there had lately been many more ambulances speeding by, en route to a major hospital nearby.

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