If our cities should become unlivable….

Friends, please feel free to share your thoughts on Cyber Polygon, Cat/Colleen McGuire’s cogent presentation on the signs of some catastrophe(s) to come, maybe sooner rather than later, as the Evil Ones (oh, yes they are) do all they can to seize complete control of everything and everyone.

Those of us still in the cities (especially the Blue ones), and whose eyes are open, want to know where we might go; so what we need is some clear sense of where US city people, coast to coast, might go to find livable and inexpensive homes amid the natural world.

What would you tell New Yorkers, Bostonians, Los Angelenos, Chicagoans, etc.? Those of you who have some thoughts about your own neck of the woods (literally, in some cases) should now feel free to share them. (Those who don’t live in the USA may also weigh in, too.)

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Wow what a great presentation! It’s refreshing to hear this content from middle-aged women instead of X22 or Alex Jones. Would Rachel Maddow still call them “incels”?
As a Carl Sagan disciple, the astrology stuff is lost on me…but materialists may have gotten us into this mess, or at least have looked the other way. John Stuart Mill discovered that a little Wordsworth goes a long way.
I’m in San Diego, living in the rubble of a theatre musician career. So, now what? Has there been talk of an off-the-grid co-op? A Walking Dead village without the zombies? Well, who knows, maybe there would be vax zombies. I’ve heard talk of “tiny home” co-ops on the East Coast but don’t know much about them yet. Fires dominate the West. Fukushima in the Northwest. GM mosquitos in Florida. Maybe Alaska? The Dakotas?

Well, I live in Northeast Georgia, near a very large lake. The whole county I live in only has about 25,000 people. I used to live in Atlanta for many years, but definitely don’t miss it. The price of houses here is pretty modest, except if you’re real close to the lake. Anyway, compared to that of living in a large city, the pace of life here is pretty tame. Now, if you’re looking for shopping malls and movie theaters, you won’t find them here. 🙂 But you only have to drive about 30 minutes to a small city to find those. The summers here aren’t that bad either—a bit warm, but generally not terrible. We get a good bit of rain too. Anyway, the cost of living is overall every affordable, and it’s hard to complain too much about being in a small-town atmosphere like this. 😉

I’m in NJ and there’s no hope here (I’m 100% convinced they will pass the vaccine passport, especially since there’s no push back from most citizens here who love the tyranny). I’m planning on moving to FL next year. But even in FL, it seems like you have to stay away from counties controlled by Democrats because they continue to push the masks. I’ve heard positive things about Lee County – Mercola says it’s been open for over a year and George Gammon says he most people at the store are unmasked. I’ve also heard good things about Levy County, and Brevard County. Wherever people end up, I think they need to start planting fruit and nut trees, given what the plans are for the food supply. If everyone in a neighborhood started planting fruit/nut trees, they could generate a lot of food in a few years.

Been looking at Iowa because the governor signed 2 bills, one against mask mandates – for all -and one against vaccine passports. Some governors have issued EOs against same but I feel better in a place where it is actually codified in law. Iowa is not on anyone’s radar. Yes, the winters are cold and unless you are near Iowa City or Cedar Rapids there may be not much to do – but it has a good growing season and real estate prices seem moderate. Don’t like that they have not even decriminalized cannabis–not a deal breaker for a non-user like me, but it seems way too draconian. Same as Wisconsin.

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