“I can’t feel God anymore”: Do COVID-19 “vaccines” cut our link to the divine?

There’s a video floating around out there, which some people think shows Bill Gates doing a PowerPoint presentation on a new “vaccine” for immunizing people against religious fanaticism. That video has been much debunked, which isn’t hard to do, since, whoever that guy is, he’s obviously not Bill Gates.

But the technocratic itch to “cure” us of the impulse to connect with any higher power—or any power higher than 5G—so that we’ll just comply as ordered by the Corporation, like efficient drones; that impatient itch to kill the necessary sense that, while worldly laws say one thing, those laid down by the gods, or God, say something else: that Satanic itch can’t be debunked, because it’s clearly what Big Tech is all about.

What’s the antidote for those who feel they’ve somehow lost their souls by getting “vaccinated”? And what punishment is grave enough for those who would come up with such a project?

From Lila York:

One of the Pfizer volunteer test subjects said this after getting the shots back in December:

“I can’t feel God anymore.”  

I never forgot that. 

The inventor of the Moderna vaccine brags that they are reprogramming the immune system. like a computer. What Martin is saying is that they are reprogramming humans to no longer be human, but to only connect to 5G EMF waves. to take instruction. 

It is the most horrifying thing I have read.
David Martin

The jabs screw up the antenna of our chromosomes that connect us to universal wisdom. They rob our humanity.

Well it turns out, that you do not have DNA. You have chromosomes. Nature made chromosomes.

I am going to go out on a limb here for you. Chromosomes, being paramagnetic, wound heli-coils of conductive material, are quite possibly antenna. They’re quite possibly not chemistry at all.

And it turns out I’ve proven that in the lab.

If you wonder why the magnetic experiment that you’re going to hear about from Dr. Carrie is so damn interesting, it’s NOT because of DNA, it’s NOT because of RNA, it’s because they are putting an antenna into your body to screw up the transmissions of all the wisdom of the cosmos so that you are detached from being human.

And if you knew what it really was, it is a wound heliocol antenna, it was an antenna that was made so that we stayed in touch with our creation and creator. That’s what it was.

And in 1953 we defiled it. And we have spent billions of dollars describing life through untied strings of a tapestry, and then mysteriously come to the conclusion that 95% of DNA is just junk DNA.

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