Getting jabbed is SO much fun! “Vaccine” propaganda from Down Under

These two chuckleheads were already seriously brain-damaged before they got their shots.

Note her statement that they got their shots, not so they themselves might be immune to COVID-19 from now on, but out of “responsibility to the community”—the collectivist point of all the COVID-19 “vaccine” propaganda everywhere: “I’m doing it, so you have to do it, too (or it won’t work).”

That’s how they’ve been pushing masks—and all the pious maskers bought it, staying far away from any unmasked person, as if their masks don’t work, unless you’re also wearing one—and it’s how they’ve been pushing the injections all this year.

It’s a kind of voodoo, no doubt derived from many hours of market research, and God knows whatever other dark investigations They have funded, to figure out precisely which lie might work best; and since it tends to be the “educated” liberal masses that are most susceptible to any seeming-altruistic pitch, it’s they who’ve fallen hardest for this democidal “vaccination” scam, which is now killing countless people, even as its champions keep yammering that it’s the right thing to do, for everybody’s sake.

Thus the world feels more and more like Jonestown, on the day it ended.

One reply on “Getting jabbed is SO much fun! “Vaccine” propaganda from Down Under”

The happy clappy bs makes me wonder if I’m actually in hell right now. We can’t smile hard enough! Smile harder! Yay Vaccines!
One big lie is Biden’s “America is already 70% vaccinated. This is wrong because a: only 48% of the country has been *fully* vaxxed, and b: the word “already” is comically wrong, since it implies we’re in the middle of an upward curve of wannabe vaxxers, instead of the brick wall that they smashed into at 48%.

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