From someone who was questioned by the FBI re: Jan. 6

From an NFU subscriber:

You are obviously right, but the weird thing is I can put myself in their mindset and see why the world looks they way it does to them. I was actually there on Jan 6th though I left as soon as things got weird. When the FBI came knocking at my door, I took my lawyer parents’ advice and invoked my right to silence. I committed no crime, not even criminal trespass, but I know that they did not come as friends. 

The question to ask them is this: Do you think Islamic terrorists (or choose whatever terrorist group they have a “thing for”) could have barged into the Capitol any time they wanted between 2001 and now? Do you find the ever changing cause of death around Officer Sicknick to be strange? First, nothing. Then beaten with a fire extinguisher. Then bear mace. As if medical science cannot conclusively determine such things. It is so absurd it makes the Jeffrey Epstein stuff look well orchestrated by comparison. 

On the day of, many people kept shouting “That person is Antifa! Stop! They are not with us!” Of course, we now know those people were FBI or FBI adjuncts. But if you are a Patriotic Republican who sees the FBI as the good guys, I can see why that odd behavior of breaking windows etc. was attributed to Antifa.  

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