We the People have been paying for our own invisible destruction (which “our free press” will not report, while ridiculing those who call attention to it)

From Douglas Yates in Alaska:

Hollow gold nanoparticles are deployed to carry Trojan horses inside the cell walls. It’s a state-sponsored weapon aimed at Constitutional rights, your life and liberty. Logic and evidence have been hijacked by social engineers with an agenda. TV’s hypnotic veil inactivates many people’s innate bullshit detector. Its undue influence keeps the psyop running, crooks at the helm.

Here’s the process and background. It’s aimed at exploiting the body’s system to carry out clandestine operations. The research to achieve this pinnacle of science was made possible by the largesse of the U.S. taxpayer. We paid for the tool that’s now being used to “manage the population”. Legacy media/television sold it to the world. Think naive megafauna slain by tiny bipeds armed with spikes and programed for insurrection.

Meanwhile, the Fairbanks News-Miner reports the local Chamber of Commerce has been given $80,000 to fuel a media campaign encouraging injections. The NM can be assured of a major chunk of the moolah. It’s taken tax refuge, begging for dollars as a non- profit. Look for display ads supporting a program that removes subscribers. Additionally, if the ‘vaxx’ doesn’t kill or maim, it certainly is a sterility agent. No new subscribers to replace readers lost to the vax. Cannibalism by any other name.

More resources below the vid.
Presentation quality suffers but the audio is good. Material duplicated in hurried process. Quick scrolling prevents reading; stop vid to study text or make screen grabs.


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