URGENT: Those “booster” shots are kill shots!

Important links from Kathy Dopp (and one link to a playful site):

Play this Game: Pin the Mask Mandate on the Country
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Lockdown Quiz
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Astounding that folks are still queuing up to be exterminated. Share this video with those who haven’t gotten the shot. Those who took one and especially two, will likely die via an Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) response this fall and winter after being exposed to any of at least 6 wild corona strains — which, without a COVID jab, are fairly harmless. This mass extinction event will be blamed on “new variants” when in fact, the jab is the set-up to a certain and painful death via cytokine storm.

The information and facts regarding the above scenario have been well documented by mainly heavily censored sources. These videos and abstracts are available on BitChute and a few other alternative platforms for those who care to do a bit of research.


Vaccine fact checkers are (indirectly) funded by vaccine company Johnson and Johnson

“About 100% of the patients on the Covid floor have been fully vaccinated!”

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