URGENT: Spike proteins in those “vaccines” are, in themselves, highly dangerous, according to new study by Salk Institute

I’ve sent out many urgent emails since I started News from Underground years ago (it now feels like a century), but this one is the most important yet; and so word of this new study by the Salk Institute must now be spread to everyone you know, every media outlet, governments at every level—and, especially, to all those schools now mandating “vaccination” for its students in the fall.

Those spike proteins in the experimental “vaccines” now being forcibly injected into millions the world over, and more easily injected into those made eager for it, are in themselves highly dangerous, capable of doing irreversible damage to the vascular system of the healthy and the sick alike. As Robin Monotti Graziadei puts it, explaining the Salk Institute’s discovery:

“Trillions [of these proteins] induced by the vaccine injection have the capacity to create damage in your vascular system. This is what the study says and what has been published by an extremely important center for biological studies. This is not a conspiracy theory.

“I think, at this stage, there is enough information to consider whether we will be told the truth in the coming days, because such information should be on the cover of every newspaper and the top story on every news channel. And what they should say is this: ‘The fundamental and technological basis on which all of the vaccines that were distributed in the West is flawed. We thought that the spike protein would only enter the cells to create antibodies, so if you faced the wild virus, it would latch onto your cells. However, we were wrong. We were wrong because the spike protein in itself creates disease; and if you inject trillions of them into a human body, there will be manifestations of disease in many cases.'”

The Salk Institute study is attached. Below is Mike Whitney’s excellent article about it, and, below that, an article on the pathogenesis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone—the one in the virus—once it enters the cell.

(My thanks to Kevin Ryan for sending this material to his list.)

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