“Unvaccinated children will still need to wear masks” in school this fall, says Dr. Fauci. Why? Because it’s bad for them, of course!

An excellent example of the lunatic illogic of the COVID “vaccine” program—which has obviously failed, if the “vaccinated” have to be “protected” from the pathogens exhaled by the “unvaccinated.” Not that there is any need for “vaccinating” children in the first place, since they have strong natural immunity to COVID-19. And even if they did transmit “the virus,” those masks would not block that transmission, as “the science” has by now made wholly clear to those who’ve actually sat down and read it.

And yet the lunacy is even greater still, since it isn’t the “unvaccinated” who pose any danger to the “vaccinated,” but the “vaccinated” who now pose a threat to those who haven’t had the shot(s)—as Dr. Fauci will not say, nor does he want us knowing it; and so most of us don’t know it, never heard of it, “our free press” having now degenerated into a gigantic propaganda mill for Dr. Fauci and all those collaborating with him, and those giving him his orders.

As none of it makes any medical or scientific sense, we have to see this new requirement as one more malign imperative that can only make those children likelier to suffer, not just physically, since masking lowers their intake of oxygen, and weakens their immunities, but socially and psychologically as well.

In a just society, Dr. Fauci would no longer be a doctor (not that he has ever really worked as one), but would be serving a life sentence for his crimes against humanity (about which almost no one knows—not yet).

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