“Unmasking the Facts”: An excellent refutation of the Big Lie about masks (MUST-READ)

Recently I was delighted to receive, out of the blue, an email of encouragement and thanks from award-winning Canadian journalist Mark Mallett, whose brilliant essay (or indictment), “The case against Bill Gates,” I shared with you not long ago.

Having found out what I’m going through at NYU, Mark sent me the link to his essay on the mask delusion—a work as comprehensive, lucid and compelling as his piece on Gates. He posted this one, on his blog, on November 20, which is almost three months after I came out with “Masking Ourselves to Death” (which Mark is now reading). I believe that our essays comprise a powerful takedown of the Big Lie about masking, which I now see as a deliberate preparation for the global “vaccination” drive.

Please read this great essay, and make a point of visiting Mark’s blog.

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