Two memes on the needle and the damage done: (1) Memorial Day; (2) Australia.

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Shocking. I went to the Australian article listed in the image, and predictably they’re claiming that the vaccine deaths are all “coincidental.” 😝

By the way, was the lone death in Australia this year attributed to Covid-19 mentioned in that article? I couldn’t seem to find that.

Vaccine deaths are way way higher, they only count as a vaccine death if its within 48 hours of vaccine administration in the US and most of the world… Hospitals are pressured, under severe economic or license sanctions for those who do write up vaccine as cause of death.

People are dropping like flies from jabs, and all these “healthcare” workers aren’t saying a peep! Mass murdering fellow humans through vaccines just for a paycheck, and it’s mostly women jabbing the people.

The VP of software dev at Oracle just died from jab complications. He posted in late March he just got the jab, then promoted Oracle’s newly created covid 19 data collection app he helped create. Died few days ago out of nowhere and it got blamed on “covid”, the fictional virus which doesn’t exist… You couldn’t even make this stuff up if you wanted too.

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