Tucker Carlson treated like a criminal for pointing out that those “vaccines” are killing people, and asking why we can’t even discuss it

The wolfpacks of Big Pharma, its media assets, and—amazingly—”the left” (MoveOn has just sent out a pitch for funds to cover their attack) are slavering for Carlson’s blood.

This is beyond crazy. By now even Donald Trump is honking in the “vaccine”- absolutist propaganda choir, along with Dr. Fauci and the New York Times and everybody else; and yet this whole vital issue—the safety and necessity of those “vaccines,” and the question of how many people have been killed or injured by them—is still brainlessly politicized.

Everything that Tucker Carlson said about this matter is inarguably true; and all of us will be the better for it if he keeps on speaking out, and others speak out, too—as is our right, and moral obligation.

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This Hitler-beat-his-dog limited hangout piece is the LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) equivalent of 9/11Truth. Since MIHOP (made it happen on purpose) was too far a stretch for the fake alternative media (remember Air America?) they said, sure 9/11 was allowed to happen by the rogue government. In other words, cave dwellers on the other side of the planet still managed to rig three Manhattan skyscrapers with explosives in a way that would bring all three down at or near free fall …but the rogue American government *let* it happen.
So, now we have this Covid scandal…probably the biggest scandal in *human* history, and Tucker is saying, well the covid vaccines are still good to get because covid has killed millions, etc. But, he says, the vaccines might be killing more than we’re told. DUH!? What about the asymptomatic transmission myth? unless the study of 10 *million* people in China that found *nobody* spread the virus without symptoms was wrong? What about the 95% false positive PCR tests? What about the death certificates? Any *one* of these points topples the *entire* narrative, just as any one of either thermite, free fall, or temperatures alone topples the 9/11 narrative.

You’re a national treasure Mark, and it’s my honor to sometimes remind you of ‘the Con’ when your natural, human imperfection finds you overlooking a crucial aspect; namely, that Tucker ‘fucker’ Carlson is a lying, manipulative tool of the Elite school – whose main function is to DEEPEN the social divide… driving a stake in the ability of we, the people to fight back.

He’s helping to achieve this by APPEARING to be ‘independent,’ selectively floating tidbits of the truth, (limited hangouts) in order to poison the social conversation.

i.e., his ‘platform’ is a clumsy collage of racist, right-wing reactionary hate and ‘principled’ (selective) libertarian critiques of Empire.

The vast majority of liberals and leftists see his reactionary content and therefore dismisses everything else he says. As with Trump, “If Tucker-fucker says it, it must be untrue.”

Then, when this chiseling up-chucker has genuine ‘lefties’ on his show, (Jimmy Dore, Max Blumenthal, Roger Waters, etc) – who have nowhere else to go – he brings dis-credit to them too.

It’s a set-up, designed to deepen the social divide between ‘conservative’ and ‘lib/left’; and the only way for us to break the spell is to acknowledge both, the truth of what this fucker is saying and also how he’s WEAPONIZING that truth as well.

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