To look at India requires a look AWAY from the big (scare) story in the media

From Diana Cook:

This is a chart showing daily Covid deaths per million people.

The biggest green spike is the U.S.
Europe (with U.K.) comes in next.
India is much lower than either.

Covid is about 2 or 3 times worse than flu. UK and Europe seem to have reached endemic stage with morality about .15%. India is nowhere near that level. It did well for over a year with no masking or lock downs. It may eventually level off at the same rate as other countries. But it cannot be used to terrorize other countries to support the government narrative.

Some countries had lock downs others did not. But they all had fairly low rates of mortality. The Diamond Princess cruise ship is especially noteworthy. Passengers and crew were stuck on the cruise ship with no masks, no social distancing, no vaccines. But they still had a fairly low mortality.

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