Tiffany Dover is dead

This video, sadly, nails it. She’s dead. The Pfizer “vaccine” killed her, right before our eyes.

You’ll see that it’s in French, but that the evidence is all in English; so please send this far and wide.

Tiffany Dover died; and the appalling sight of her collapse soon slipped right down the memory hole, because we just don’t want to think it’s true, and so we all too readily believed the many bought-and-paid-for “fact-checks” purporting to “debunk” that awful truth.

Please let’s do all we can to make sure that she didn’t die in vain.

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Thanks for posting. I’ve always believed that she died from the vax. If she survived, Pfizer would have made sure she got back on camera and reassured everyone that she was alive and well (and she wasn’t camera shy, so she would have done it). And then they did that suspicious photo at the hospital, trying to assure everyone that she was alive, by having “Tiffany” and other nursing staff line up along a staircase. But “Tiffany” did not look like the real Tiffany Dover.

My elderly father sometimes gets stuck on certain stories and he’s been stuck on this one and everyone he talks to about the vax, he says “and what about Tiffany Dover.”

Uh, yeah. If this were really a hoax, as the media claims, Tiffany could easily disprove it all by posting videos, etc.

The silence is deafening. 😧

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