Prof. Arturo Bickerstaff’s brilliant letter to Mark Dery, submitted to the Chronicle of Higher Education

Dear Editor,

Please consider running the letter below. Thank you.

Arturo P. Bickerstaff


Dear Mark Dery,

We see what you did there, and we appreciate it! While feigning to attack and discredit the esteemed and legendary scholar of film, media, and propaganda studies Mark Crispin Miller, you deftly give your reader all s/he needs to know to counter the Covid19 disinformation being single handedly and universally harmonized by a media ecosystem of just five corporations that now control planetary information flows. In 1933, Hitler and Goebbels thought they’d figured out how to control the media narrative by reducing 4700 newspapers down to 325, but this is nothing compared to five transnational media corporations that own just about everything EXCEPT for The Chronicle of Higher Education. So this is how you were able to get the news out that Dr. Mike Yeadon, both a former VP of Pfizer and a lifelong microbiologist, is warning the world that he can see no motivation for this pandemic except as a massive planned depopulation effort. This is stunning, since as an investigative journalist you would already know that “follow the money” would be the standard answer, and yet your insight in putting him into the story leads the careful reader to take you up on your subtextual hints and read further, investigate more, and discover that Yeadon said that the profit motive makes no sense because if that was the motive they could simply artificially reduce the supply and then double the per-unit cost to make precisely as many billions as their billionaire hearts desired.

Putting in the stuff about the moon landing and Sandy Hook was just the right amount of “bat-shit crazy” to throw your editors off the scent and not notice what you were really up to, so there again, a deft and shrewd move. Thank you again for presenting the truth as a hit piece on one of the world’s last remaining truth tellers. Now that the presidents of Burundi and Tanzania are conveniently no longer around to help with this work, it’s fitting that you should raise Dr. Miller’s profile to that of Oracle of the Pandemic Age, and we, your careful and Ph.D’d media studies and rhetorical theory readers, all thank you. Dr. Miller will soon be losing his job thanks to your piece, so please don’t expect any personal kickbacks for your singlehanded elevation of him to the highest skeptical authority in the land. Truth telling is a luxury only the poor can afford to indulge in, unless you include the deceased as did both Mark Twain and the American VAERS system, which now reports an astonishing 50 Americans per day dying after receiving the Covid vaccine. And that’s for a system that reports between 1% and 10% of actual cases, and for which there is no equivalent system in Africa, Asia, or South America, representing a mere 6 billion of the world’s 7 billion souls. But correlation does NOT equal causality, as we all know, and so despite the fact that the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine was halted after just 53 deaths, we now know better that all the current Covid vaccine deaths are caused by “underlying conditions” – something that was unable to kill people when contracting Covid in all of 2020 despite most victims being average aged 80 and having average comorbidities of 3.8. Only Covid can kill you when you are two years past life expectancy and have four other life-threatening health problems, and yet simultaneously only underlying conditions can kill you when you’ve taken the Covid vaccine and die between 31 minutes and 23 days later…

We typically don’t read mainstream media any more because they mainly employ liars and statisticians, but you’ve made a reader and fan out of dozens, perhaps thousands more, with this profoundly helpful, insightful, and truthful expose of what’s really going on. All of us raise our tinfoil hats to you, dear comrade, dear colleague, and dear and hopeful survivor of the near future!

Arturo P. Bickerstaff
Randolph Bourne Professor of English
South Dakota State University

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This is so funny. And considering the subject matter that takes some skill. Brilliant. Also delighted that MCM has some very clever people on his side to fight this one out.

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