Post-“vaccination” death rates SPIKE in country after country (MUST-SEE/SHARE video from America’s Frontline Doctors)

From Lila York:

Mordechai Sones of America’s Frontline Doctors published a video yesterday illustrating the effects of the COVID-19 shots in various countries with mortality rates.

The video is posted on YouTube (let us know if it disappears) with credit given to @britishbennyboy on Twitter for creating the animation.

The video makes a few trends clear: China had fewer deaths using their own vaccine; 3rd world countries like El Salvador and Nicaragua, that either didn’t have vaccine supplies or did not distribute many of them, had no excess deaths; Denmark wised up early on and banned injections for major population groups—the elderly, women of child-bearing age, those with co-morbidities—and had among the lowest death rates. Germany and France did not peak and have remained flat, since their populations are better-educated on this matter, and refused the injections.

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