New book smears Philip Agee as a traitor, ends up re-affirming that he wasn’t one

Why would such a book appear in 2021—46 years after Agee’s Inside the Company was published? If there’s been a surge of interest in that peerless book about the CIA, and/or in Philip Agee (whose fascinating story should be made into a movie), I haven’t noticed it. (I’ve long wanted somehow to republish that essential book, which every American college student ought to read.)

As Jeremy Kuzmarov notes in this article, that belated book-length hatchet job would seem to be a salvo in the CIA’s intensifying war on whistle-blowers—a drive subsumed by the far larger war on free speech overall, including academic freedom, as our overlords keep trying to nudge the US, and all others nations of the West, toward the Chinese model.

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