MCM at the Unite for Peace & Restore Freedom rally in Kingston, NY, 5/29/21

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Nice job, Professor. You got some fine speakin’ chops… little bit of brevity, passion, pointed arguments.
I especially like what you said about “building alliances” across ideologies.
However, i suggest a crucial distinction between ‘right-wing’ and ‘conservative.’
There are many common concerns amongst the MASSES – whether ‘con,’ ‘lib,’ ‘independent,’ ‘leftist. The radical left has long tried to convince the vast majority as to the CLASS nature of their common oppression; so even though ‘libs’ n’ ‘cons’ have plenty to argue about,
they have much more in common due to their CLASS interests, though they’re generally not conscious of it. ‘Right-wingers, on the other hand, ARE conscious CLASS warriors who seek HIDE that reality from the eyes of ‘conservatives’ so to better manipulate. So, ‘right-wing’ is bad, malevolent, dishonest, it constitutes a ‘conservative’ who’s gone to the dark side… no longer reachable.
And I believe people need to see this formulation clearly, if we’re to have any serious impact in this battle.
keep up the great work.

I suspect the ‘UFO’ thing is a con, to draw us into wild speculations, to make us look bad. It’s good to point it out… AS a piece of organized theatre, and I think that your larger point is right on: be prepared to disbelieve.

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