It’s now okay to say “the virus” was concocted in a lab—in China; which means that Dr. Fauci MUST go down (and take down Bill Gates with him)

Josh Mitteldorf notes that the COVID-19 lab-origin scenario has now been released from the “conspiracy theory” ghetto, becoming a permissible topic among Those Who (Think They) Know; but he worries that the story has an anti-China spin that could obscure the copious evidence of complicity with the US, particularly Dr. Fauci’s (little) shop (of horrors). (I for one don’t think there’s any risk of war with China, but could, of course, be wrong about that.)

Check out the incriminating memo by Peter Daszak (whose job apparently did not require a fluency in English).

From Josh Mitteldorf:

The NYTimes today considers the fact (which we have known for 15 months) that COVID came from a laboratory. This is, indeed, a big concession to truth, and I’m glad that it’s coming out. But I’m concerned that it is being reported as anti-China propaganda, and will be used as an excuse to further increase international tensions and risk of a catastrophic war with China.

In case it was a leak from Wuhan Institute of Virology, we must make sure that we don’t let our media conceal the fact that the research at WIV was sponsored by US NIAID, in cooperation with UNC and EcoHealth Alliance. Here is a Nature Medicine paper published in 2015 describing how to modify a bat coronavirus to make it infect humans. Authors include Wuhan and American team members, and the Acknowledgment section says it was funded by US NIAID, Fauci’s agency.

But I lean toward the view that this was not a leak, but a deliberate release, based on the fact that Fauci, Gates (WHO), and the WEF all seem to have anticipated the pandemic well ahead of time. The latest revelation on this front is an indication in Moderna’s March, 2019 patent application that they already had the COVID spike protein a year before the pandemic was announced. I haven’t looked into the primary source for this (google patents?) but trust a Children’s Health Defense interview with David Martin (last 5 minutes).

Here is an incriminating email from Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance. EcoHealth was a subcontractor, channeling NIH money for gain-of-function research to the Wuhan Institute. Daszak coordinated the prominent publication of an article (in Lancet) early in the pandemic that concluded authoritatively that the COVID virus could not have come from a lab. In this email, he talks about the importance of keeping his name and EcoHealth’s off the list of authors, to create an illusion of independence.

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