Is Fauci going down?

Since his perjurious contretemps with Sen. Paul (it seems his nose just grew too long at last), Dr. Fauci has been looking ever more like a cornered rat (and I say that with all due respect). And now this story takes him down another peg—a story broken by The Australian, a major Murdoch property outside the USA, and now picked up by Consortium News, which, since Bob Parry left us, has been a highly serviceable organ of Covidian propaganda.

In short, this looks like what the CIA terms “blowback”—not some horrible domestic consequence of US shenanigans abroad, as 9/11 was said repeatedly (and misleadingly) to have been, but the deliberate planting, in some foreign medium, of a story meant to be picked up by US media. (Reuters has long served the former propaganda purpose.)

Of course, I could be wrong about all this; but Dr. Fauci now seems to be skating on thin ice.

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