If there is NOT an “alien attack” sometime this summer, I will gladly eat my tinfoil hat

It may be a “tinfoil hat” made out of something edible (sardines, or some other silvery food); but I will gladly wolf it down, and make a video of the meal, as it’s the thought that counts.

Here (attached) is the front page of today’s Daily Star (UK), largely dominated by another out-of-nowhere jolt of UFO-related “news” that I and others see as calculated to prepare us, psychologically, for an “alien attack” so vivid, credible, immense (or it will look that way) and catastrophic (or catastrophic-seeming) as to make 9/11 look like a surprise party, scaring everybody (or those of us who haven’t seen it coming) into quivering compliance (just as more and more of us are stepping out of line against the global COVID tyranny), and thereby enable martial law all over, power outages, and food shortages, and whatever else will make for an unprecedented crisis, after which we will—or would—emerge from house arrest to find our world (or what’s left of it) changed utterly, with no more cash, no more freedom, no more civil rights, no privacy, and (if the authors of that psy-op have their way at last) nowhere to run.

That’s the plan, anyway; and anyone who calls me a “conspiracy theorist” for saying so is either a New-York-Times-addled ignoramus or a spook, or witting asset, on the job, since that dystopia has been explicitly outlined for some time, in black-and-white on many pages in mainstream books and magazines, and in dazzling hues online.

That is the future—or one of several equally inhuman futures— They intend for us; and, as well, They do now have the technological wherewithal to fill the skies with “flying saucers,” blast anything they want with energy-directed weapons, whip up hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, still more forest fires, and otherwise create a panic much as Orson Welles did with his radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds over 80 years ago, though on a vastly larger scale, and with infinitely more disastrous consequences. (Welles’ show caused only a few heart attacks, among those listeners who—unlike my mother—didn’t recognize his voice in 1938.)

Here I’ll repeat the point with which I ended when I spoke at Gerald Celente’s bracing health freedom rally up in Kingston the other day —a point that’s valid even if it’s not an “alien attack,” but some other terroristic propaganda spectacle that hits us “out of nowhere” in the near future: Whatever it may be, please keep your head—holding, somewhere in your mind, even if, at first, you’re scared to death, the wholly rational suspicion that this whole thing may be fake.

That’s the only way we can—and, I think, ultimately will—survive not just whatever novel horror’s coming next, but all Their efforts to destroy humanity, so as to “save the planet” for themselves, and strive, psychotically, to live forever on it, with nature “conquered” absolutely: a plan impossible, an evil plan, dependent, in the short term, on our willingness to fear, and the impulse of the terrified to rage at those who aren’t afraid, because they see what’s really going on, and dare to tell the truth about, thereby fighting back instead of falling into line, so that They finally lose, and we all win.

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