How to give Mark Zuckerberg the good, swift kick that he deserves

From Bretigne Shaffer:

FYI – FB’s rating is down to 2.6 on the App Store now!

…or on Google Play, if you have an Android.

And please share.

From Peggy Hall:

In order to respond to a dreadful shock to Facebook because of censorship, you must go to Google Play or App Store make a rating for Facebook with one star, and write a comment condemning and objecting to Facebook’s racism towards antivaxxers & conservatives.

It’s rating was 4.2 a few days ago and currently 3.7 (update now 1,9), When the rating reaches 1, Google will automatically delete it from the store, which means that Mark will lose billions of dollars. Now the number of people who rated is 220 thousand, we need about 100 thousand one-star ratings in order to get it to the stage of removing it from the Google / App Store. Please share this.

I just did it, takes 2 seconds.

Here’s my review:

“This kind of censorship kills.

Censorship is an ugly thing in the best of times. But to actively shut down information on medical treatments for an illness so many are afraid of, and to suppress information about the dangers of the vaccines for this illness, is pure, crime-against-humanity-level evil.

Don’t be surprised when the next Nuremberg Commission comes knocking at your doors, FB. “


5 replies on “How to give Mark Zuckerberg the good, swift kick that he deserves”

This sounds like great advice!

But there’s one more step: Get OFF Facebook, and never look back. 🏃🏻

There are so many alternative “social media” platforms out there which don’t censor the truth that there’s absolutely no good reason for anyone to keep slumming it on Facebook. 🤮

OK, I tried to do this. I’ve never really used the App Store before, but I went there and searched for Facebook, and applications like Anywhere for Facebook came up, but not Facebook itself.

Does that mean it’s already been deleted from the store? 😉

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