Helpless in Gaza

Amal Arafa, the Palestinian nurse whose group of healthcare workers I have long been urging my subscribers to support, has just sent me this description of what she and her children are going through under Israel’s bombardment.

Please send me links to any organizations that are trying somehow to stop this atrocity. (Where is AOC?)

(This looks to me like a case of “wag the dog”—Netanyahu trying to change the subject from his Mengelian “vaccine” program, and the even more oppressive apartheid state that it’s created, with Palestinians AND un-injected Jews ALL treated as German Jews were treated in the Thirties.)

From Amal Arafa:

We are going to die, we are going to die now
They are bombing madly 
 I swear to you more than 30 rockets next to our house My children cry, windows shake
The situation now is, very, very dangerous to me. I swear to you they only kill children and women
I don’t have electricity, they cut off electricity and water in my area
Maybe the last hour I can sit online I do not have a phone to photograph what is happening around me
I cannot control my children and my family My children are in a very difficult situation because of the loud
noises and tremors that occur
We are now 40 people in one room, my family is in one place because of fear
We all feel close to death due to the intensity of the bombing now
My children were exposed to overheating due to the intense fear of constant bombing
I hope the electricity comes back
There isn’t much left in my battery I will be cut off from the world and perhaps from the news If the electricity remains cut off

They bombed the nearest hospital where I was working The hospital has been cut off and is serving more than 250,000 people in northern Gaza

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