Federal judge may END Twitter’s immunity in Dr. Shiva case

While I have no use for Dr. Shiva, I must applaud his going after Twitter, and hope that he prevails in this, for all our sakes.

Watch the live hearing on May 20!

This case could spell the end of CDA 230.

CDA 230 is the provision of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that gives internet and social media companies legal immunity from lawsuits due to the content they publish.

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In our zeal to stop tech & social media companies from continuing their abuse & censorship, we lost sight of the original purpose for enacting CDA 230. The reason was to protect two internet companies CompuServe, which hosted special-interest forums along with Prodigy, a hosting service for online message boards from being sued for libel & defamation because of posts left by users of their services. In keeping with the spirit & original intent of the law, we should revise rather than completely revoking CDA 230 to insure the continued protection of small internet companies. The revisions should instead focus on changes that cause tech companies to choose to be either a hosting platform that enjoys protection from lawsuits or a media company with all the restructions our current laws provide to protect American’s rights.

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