Denis Rancourt on the geopolitical basis of the COVID crisis

Rancourt is an extraordinarily incisive scientist and social critic, and so I’m pleased to share this link to his 8-minute riff on the COVID crisis, from the end of March. His claim that the crisis has been used to push a geopolitical agenda, spearheaded by a failing US empire, is surely worth considering, though I’d like to know how it relates to the Great Reset, and China’s relationship with the World Economic Forum (and Bill Gates).

Also, I am grateful for Rancourt’s unflinching condemnation of “the professional class,” which has indeed disgraced itself across the board throughout the West, and surely bears the blame for the degeneration— and, unless we halt that process, the destruction—of democracy. He’s also absolutely right to note the urgency of our continuing to fight the lunacy around us, and to do so in alliance with one another. Anyone now pushing to divide us ever further is surely working for the enemy, whether consciously or not.

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Thanks for posting! I’d say the banking cartel is behind this entire covid operation–they have the power to print money out of thin air and basically own everyone and everything.
More from Alex Krainer here: (both of these guys are Yugoslavian,so they know all about the destruction of nations)

And look how powerful these banking families are–Lynn de Rothschild basically has all the big corporate CEOs on speed dial and tells them what to do:

Also, on the Great Reset, some have suggested that many significant events in history (Civil War, WW1, and WW2) were also resets for the international bankers. Interesting info here:

Here’s a Planet Lockdown interview with Mads Palsvig on the central bankers (enemies of humanity)

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