COVID-19 “vaccines” are “creating variants,” says Nobelist Luc Montagnier

This is as interesting it is scary, as it contradicts Dr. Yeadon’s claim that this notion of new COVID-19 “variants” is more terror-propaganda meant to justify those killer “booster” shots; though, if it’s true that those “vaccines” have spawned such “variants,” getting that across to people far and wide can foil that plan to scare them into getting further jabs.

In any case, we have to put a stop to this injection programs, by any means necessary. (Is that sentence now a federal offense?)

From Kathy Dopp:

The data, it seems to me, is screaming the truth of what this world-famous virologist is now saying he knows, as predicted by Geert Bossche that none wanted to believe. …So, we need to stop the insanity of lying about the safety and effectiveness of COVID vaccines and stop mandating COVID vaccines and continue to use safe, low-cost, effective preventative measures and treatments to avoid serious COVID cases:

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