COVID-19 and “the unspeakable”

Josh Mitteldorf’s brave essay (provoked by Dr. Mercola’s “Orwellian” predicament) tells us, in meticulous detail, why what we’re living through is, to put it bluntly, evil—what Thomas Merton called “the unspeakable,” which concept James Douglass brilliantly applied to what went down in Dallas on 11/22/63 (and what was later done to Thomas Merton).

On the evil that we’re living through (and will, if we fight back), I strongly recommend “Denying the Demonic,” by Ed Curtin:

One reply on “COVID-19 and “the unspeakable””

You, Professor Miller, and Edward Curtin are indeed national treasures. This year has shown us why we need to cherish literature scholars (I heard you say your Master’s was in literature). It seems like art and literature fans are the only people awake and who could possibly save the world from utilitarian culture-starved hollow-husk borg drones like Fauxi and Gates. Even great doctors like Zach Buch seem to be well-read. I mean, do you think Fauxi has ever appreciated Wordsworth? Trump? Isn’t that a problem? Too many people think the arts are cute. Well, it might just save the planet…again.

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