Children’s Hospital Colorado declares “state of emergency” for pediatric mental health

One more horrible result of what Dr. Fauci calls the “inconvenience” of extended lockdowns.

One wonders how his children, and Bill/Melinda’s children, have been doing throughout all this. I bet they’re doing fine—all six of them, since neither Fauci nor Billinda, each of whom has three, seem to think themselves obliged to do their bit to shrink the global population. Like David Rockefeller and Ted Turner, each the father of five children (that we know of), the two democidal maniacs who front for the atrocious syndicate now largely governing the world no doubt believe that their own seed is something special, just as Jeffrey Epstein did (or does) about his own, and so they’ve each fathered not just two, as countless lesser couples have obediently done, to “save the planet,” but three (and Gates may actually have more, what with his years of horny doings back before he had himself rebranded as a saintly nerd Doing Good among the dark-skinned peoples of the world).

I doubt that those six kids are suffering like the millions who’ve cracked up, or killed themselves, since Bill Gates did his thing, because they couldn’t stand the airless, isolated life he’s done so much to force on all of us—not the life that those six kids have had to lead, dwelling, as they do, so high above the rest of us, within that golden realm where they can have it all, and go wherever they may want to go at any time (although, for all we know, it may be hell up there as well, in its own way).

Whatever they may actually be going through, those six handsome offspring of Gates/Fauci (five daughters and one son) all look well, apparently (unless the many photos lie) are in the pink of health— because they can afford to eat so well (no doubt everything organic); and surely Bill Gates’ kids, and probably the doctor’s, too, can go sailing, mountain-climbing, skiing or water-skiing, or horseback- riding, any time they like, and otherwise keep fit. Were all six fully vaccinated babies, then fully vaccinated toddlers, according to the CDC’s busy vaccine schedule? That we don’t know; though we do know, or should know, not to buy the story of those children’s pediatrician telling other doctors that Gates never would allow his own kids to be vaccinated (which, if true, suggests that Fauci’s done the same). That tale was published by YourNewsWire, a propaganda mill that has concocted stories of all kinds, calculated to provide “conspiracy theorists” with defective ammunition to fire into cyberspace, which duds are then easily “debunked,” so that those who fired them look like nuts, or fools.

So there’s no evidence that those six strikingly healthy-looking young people weren‘t injected just as heavily as everybody else’s kids. Nor is there any evidence that any of them is autistic, or epileptic, or has OCD, anorexia, anxiety disorder, tic disorder, severe peanut allergy, or any of the other disabilities that have proliferated exponentially with the radical expansion of the CDC’s vaccine schedule. This would seem to prove that vaccines all are just as safe, necessary and effective as the COVID-19 vaccines that the fathers of those children have prescribed for every person on the planet—and one of which Bill’s daughter Jennifer happily and publicly received back on February 14, “offer[ing] a lighthearted debunking of one conspiracy theory around it,” reported CNN.

“Sadly the vaccine did NOT implant my genius father into my brain— if only mRNA had that power…..!” she wrote with a winking emoji in a post on Instagram.

Surely Jennifer is lucky to have such a “genius father,” and (therefore) to get a COVID-19 shot that probably won’t do her any harm, just like Gates and Fauci, Biden, Kamala Harris, and such other highly privileged COVID-19 “vaccinees.” Meanwhile, back on Earth, millions of young people not that lucky are in misery, thanks to Gates and Fauci, the syndicate they serve— and all those educated people with their eyes wide shut to the sadistic horror of what’s really going on.

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