Check it out: I am “the Professor of Paranoia”!

This hit-piece on myself—”The Professor of Paranoia”—has just come out in the Chronicle of Higher Education. It comes as no surprise to me, since it was clear throughout my conversations with Mark Dery that, despite his friendly overtures to me some months ago (we knew each other once upon a time, as he reports), he’s utterly repelled by what I’m doing, both as a professor and a public intellectual, and was seeking ammunition. I’ve only glanced at what he wrote, and will go through it carefully when I have time; but I wanted all of you to see it, and would, of course, be pleased to have you come to my defense with letters to the editor, if you should feel so moved.

I’m sure I’ll write my own reply; and, since I believe that such attacks should always serve as “teaching moments,” I’ll probably put all the raw materials for Dery’s hatchet-job up on my website, and share it with you: the two Zoom videos of my conversations with the author, and our extensive email correspondence. This will enable one to see what details Dery chose to string together, and— more importantly—what he left out, in order to create his caricature of a once-fine mind now spouting “right-wing bunkum.” (In that way it’s somewhat like a New York Times hit-piece on RFK, Jr., published in the Style section years ago, when Bobby was writing on election theft; only Dery’s piece is less respectful.)

Right now I’ll note what struck me most about the author’s attitude toward my many heresies: his total ignorance of all the controversial issues that we touched on, or talked about at length—the moon landing, Sandy Hook and Parkland, Andrew Wakefield and Vaxxed, COVID-19 and the “vaccines,” the Great Reset, etc.—and what seemed to be a certain pride in that ignorance, as if only nut-jobs and “deplorables” would even bother studying such things at all, as doing so would mean departing from what he kept on reverently invoking as “the consensus.” It was like talking to the New York Times itself, the Gray Lady having taken over Dery’s body (which, despite his animosity, I sincerely hope keeps functioning as usual, as he and his are “fully vaccinated”; and his faith in those “vaccines,” he told me, rather frighteningly, is “carved in stone”).

In any case, we carry on, despite this kind of thing—which is to be expected when you go against the grain. (I’m honored that Dery sees my online work as comparable to the “calamity-howling” of my friend Naomi Wolf, who also has been excommunicated by the Times and, therefore, types like him.)

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Interesting article. I had the feeling if Mark Dery had lived in the early 17th Century he would have written a similar hatchet job, denouncing Galileo for his heresies contradicting the official dogma of the time.

Obviously this guy Dery is completely brain-dead. 🤡 In fact, it’s clear that he’s just projecting his *own* paranoia onto you.

But I’m a bit confused—if you thought he might have been seeking ammunition months ago, why did you bother to talk to him at all?

@Terry Lee Hildebrand, exactly!
Is this meant to be an opinion piece? It must be, since Dery uses terms like “deranged” and “tinfoil helmet” (why not hat?)…
All of this assumes, a priori, he’s right and Miller’s wrong. Without this unsubstantiated assumption, there’s no article; it just becomes an ad hominem against someone with alternate views. One quick example: Dery writes,
“masks indoors reduce transmission significantly, as numerous studies have shown….” But he doesn’t provide these numerous studies! Or even one study! And he doesn’t address the fact that there have been at least twenty studies proving the opposite, including a peer-reviewed article on why *surgeons* don’t need to wear masks when they operate.
Beneath the officialness of articles like this, however, is a seething hatred. IMO, Dery doesn’t “object” to MCM, he *hates* him and everybody like him. He doesn’t think MCM should be fired, he should be *jailed*. It’s time to call a spade a spade and recognize this is a war of sorts. The end result could look something like this, from Ron Unz:
“A notorious incident that occurred soon after the Bolshevik Revolution came to my mind. Eminent philologist Timofei Florinsky, one of Russia’s most internationally renowned academic scholars, was hauled before a
revolutionary tribunal for a public interrogation about his views, and one of the judges, a drunken…former prostitute, found his answers so irritating that she drew her revolver and shot him dead right there and then.”

Your on the right side of history Mark… Clowns like him always look which way the wind blows and then join in. You see, no members of the pyramid scheme will ever admit to anyone, even themselves, that they are apart of it… If the establishment, and this whole fake reality of germ theory fraud and other hoaxes were to be exposed, “academics” and “journalists” would lose out the most. Both of those professions are essentially propaganda mouthpieces at this point, their financial and social well being depend of the survival of the germ theory hoax.

It’s not the initial mass insanity that bothers me the most, there are a lot of people that waking up, many defy the non sense mask orders, and many more have come to realize that viruses don’t exist, it’s all a lie from the 19th century. What really kills me tho, is all the clowns who work in “health” care, “journalism” and “academia”, who go along with the hoax just because they have come to realize that their paychecks depend on them co signing the hoax, or they get fired if they don’t. 95%+ of them choose to co sign the hoax, watch the vaccines butcher fellow humans, and actively participate in spreading propaganda shilling for the hoax, because their salary depends on it now.

If you go against the narrative created by the establishment, you risk exposing the entire hoax, you might be getting in the way of them receiving their paychecks, and therefore must be destroyed. They will come after you Mark, expose the germ theory fraud and they will cower in fear of the truth. Do an interview with Tom Cowan or Stefan Lanka. The truth is spreading like wildfire across the world.

The best piece of info in that article was your blog address!

“He pushes back vigorously when I suggest he’s biased against consensus and in favor of lone gunmen,”

The neo-McCarthy environment continues 19 years on. Minimizing 9/11 Truth and not addressing the concerns of citizens makes for a false “consensus”. They can’t explain melted Molybdenum, 2.25 seconds of free fall or the missing ballots. Until the truth prevails you should continue on.

Your knowledge of the moon landing is obviously less than zero.
Stupefying ignorance.
Your willful ignorance of the Sandy Hook Primary School massacre is frightfully inhuman and aggressively offensive.
Your defense of vaccination denialists is aggressively offensive and a clear and present danger to public health.
You’re on a roll, Crispy Mark.
Someone should stick a fork in you and turn you over.

Prof. Miller… You have my admiration for daring to stand up for Truth and Reason. As a MD for more than 45 years, I have observed with alarm as the Philistines have entered the gates and accelerated their anti-Humanity agenda. Dery is certainly one of their lackeys.
Mainstream Medicine is completely given over to these same forces and they have been very successful in their on-going brain-washing of the masses. Witness the COVID madness.
In my youth, I was blessed with many fine English teachers and professors who saw as their mission instilling critical thinking within their students. I encountered the same in my Medical School instructors. Sadly, those days are long gone and every institution in this failed state has become an indoctrination center for the Ruling Elite. I suppose that one hope for a new beginning is that millions of the self-appointed and self-anointed academic intelligentsia (largely neo-Libs and pseudo-Progs) have now sacrificed themselves on the altar *or, should I say :needle”) of pseudo-science. This will prove to be a lethal mistake for many of them, I fear.
As a physician who genuinely cares about people, it has been distressing to watch person after person blindly line up for dangerous untested vaxxx that do NOT prevent spread, do NOT prevent infection, and do NOT prevent hospitalization. Of course, those who inject themselves and their loved ones with dangerous untested gene therapies know deep down that they have erred and that is one reason that they feel compelled to defend or excuse their stupidity by belittling all who dare hold a different opinion.
BTW, the latest CDC VAERS report lists more than 5100 deaths from the “Warp Speed” injections in less than 6 months. This rate outstrips every other vaccine tracked by VAERS by a factor of more than 10. But, hey… It’s OK!. That master of duplicity and corruption, Dr. Fauci (the highest paid USG employee and holder of thousands of patents obtained with taxpayer money), has assured us that “vaccines” are not only great, but necessary.
Come Fall, we will begin to see the insanity of following the advice of our many managing class.
Stand strong, Prof.
Question authority – always!
Peace and Hope to All.

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