CAVEAT about the magnets

A friend who knows, from personal experience, the darker side of what the government can do to dissidents has, wisely, pointed out the possibility that all those videos compiled by “Tim Truth” may actually be bogus, and a set-up to discredit people like myself (and her).

So let us not assume that they’re for real, and look for further evidence.

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Looked pretty real to me…then I thought, it would be a *bigger* story that they were all faked. Who would be behind such a huge undertaking to pay off hundreds of people, get them all to have decent acting chops, etc..
A US Green Beret named Michael Yon ( was on Ann Vandersteel and discussed the infamous 1/6 riot. He talked about three different forms of psyop that his group would employ during oversees operations: Agent provocateur, False flag, and Clowning. I wasn’t familiar with clowning, which is essentially the creation of walking straw-men, who can then be shown on the nightly news to make the enemy seem ridiculous and stupid (think Maga Shaman guy).
I wonder if these magnet videos are a form of clowning.

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