“Carolina Together”: Bio-fascism at UNC

This has been happening at colleges and universities from coast to coast, and beyond. It must be stopped.

From an NFU subscriber:

Dear Mark,

I am forwarding an email received from UNC-Chapel Hill, sent, presumably, to all students. It is a useful example of how the jab is being imposed on (possibly unsuspecting) young adults: get your shots, or else be subjected to invasive and inaccurate “tests” for a virus you have a +99% rate of outliving.

Note that this “certification,” in a most discriminatory move, is required of students before they are even permitted to register for classes. And this from a public university!

I will be advocating locally against this violation against basic human liberty, and I hope your public is as outraged by this as I am.

All the best,
(Please block out my name if published; I am rightfully fearful of retaliation by the university.) <>
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2021 12:04 PM
Subject: [FORMAL NOTICE] COVID-19 Vaccination Certification 

Dear Students, 

We hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer. Next week many of you will log onto ConnectCarolina to enroll for your Fall 2021 classes, and we want to highlight an important “to do” that will be on your page – the COVID-19 Vaccination Certification. 

Starting Tuesday, June 1, you will see a COVID-19 Vaccination Certification tile on your Student Requirements Dashboard. You will be asked to acknowledge that you have either received the COVID-19 vaccine, that you have not received the vaccine or indicate that you choose not to answer. If you have received the vaccine, we will then ask you to fill out the self-report form with the date and type of vaccine you received. If you received the vaccine at the Carolina Vaccination Clinic or have already filled out the vaccine self-report form, you will not have this prompt on your ConnectCarolina page because we already have that information. 

Why is this important? First, getting your COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and others from the COVID-19 virus, while contributing to a typical, in-person experience at Carolina this fall. Also, the University plans to use your vaccination status to determine participation in the Carolina Together Testing Program and for quarantine and isolation requirements if you are exposed to the virus, which are outlined below. 

Vaccinated Students 
Students who are vaccinated will NOT be required to participate in asymptomatic testing as part of the Carolina Together Testing Program in the fall. Based on the CDC guidance and input from our public health and medical experts, we know that it is not necessary to test vaccinated individuals as part of asymptomatic evaluation programs. Campus Health will continue to have symptomatic testing available for anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been identified as a close contact. Also, vaccinated on-campus residential students who are asymptomatic will not be required to move to quarantine housing if they are identified as a close contact of a positive case; instead, they will simply be asked to monitor for symptoms and to seek medical guidance if they develop. 

Unvaccinated Students or Choose Not to Answer 
Students who have not been fully vaccinated or choose not to answer on the ConnectCarolina form will be required to participate in the Carolina Together Testing Program in the fall. We will share the details of the requirements and frequency closer to the beginning of the semester. In addition, unvaccinated students will be required to move to quarantine and isolation housing if they have a positive test result or are identified as a close contact of a positive case. 

If you have not been vaccinated or will not be able to access a vaccine on or before June 1 when you are enrolling for classes, you still have time to get the vaccine. You will be able to change your status on the certification at any time. This is a great time to get the vaccine, so visit the Carolina Together Vaccine page to find information and locations of vaccination clinics. If you have concerns about the vaccine, UNC Health has a hub that addresses many questions, including important facts

You all answered the call to take care of our community in the last year, proving you are willing to sacrifice and work hard to prevent the spread of the virus. Getting the vaccine is the best tool to return to what matters most to you and your Carolina experience next year, so please take the time to get it. 


The Carolina Together Testing Team 
This message is sponsored by: Carolina Together Testing Program

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