At least 18 young people “vaccinated” in CT now have heart problems

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And yet they are still pushing the young to get the bioweapon injection when they are not at risk from the fake virus:
A Long Island high school created two sets of rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated students attending prom this year.

Port Washington High School’s prom is scheduled to be held June 27 and “kids who are vaccinated will be able to attend maskless — while those who aren’t will need to wear a face covering,” the New York Post reported.

They want to make the movie Children of Men our new reality, I guess to go with the “new normal.”

And I thought this article was interesting: (apparently, some masks have graphenes in them). And what’s interesting about that, is that apparently graphene is the material used for brain to computer interface: “By using a single atomic layer of carbon (graphene), BI plans to link a human brain with an external digital device, such as a smartphone or computer, by sensing the faint magnetic fields of human thought.”

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