Another, very different take on the Salk study

We must address this question comprehensively. Is it the spike proteins per se that are wreaking all the (largely unreported) havoc on the tissues of countless vaccinees, or something else?

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Just from reading this article, and then the comments, it’s clear that these scientists don’t even really know what the hell is going on.
“Roland says:
4 May, 2021 at 2:10 pm
The disparity between ‘myocarditis following 1st dose’ and ‘myocarditis following 2nd dose’ in Israel seems to be a highly significant signal, and then we’re factoring out the background rate already (assuming cut-off for observing 2nd dose cases is less than the ~28 days between doses). The fact the data had to be leaked in Israel (and hasn’t been denied) and other countries are being cagey (mirroring some original reactions do the Oxford vaccine clot data, when we now know they were furiously whispering about how much to tell the public) is, I have to say, disappointing. If there are ‘specific concerns’, even rare and ‘not conclusively proven’ ones, surely it’s unethical not to mention those to patients when millions are being dosed every day?”
Shouldn’t we have figured this out, before testing it on everybody? My guess is a handful of Dr. Frankensteins know exactly what’s happening but don’t want to share.

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