ALERT! CHD files CITIZEN PETITION with the FDA, asking them to REVOKE all “vaccine” EUAs, and grant NO licenses

Please post comments, and send far and wide.

From Meryl Nass:

Children’s Health Defense files Citizen Petition with FDA asking it to revoke all COVID Vaccine EUAs and refrain from issuing licenses

I worked with a team of my anthrax vaccine colleagues and attorneys at Children’s Health Defense to write a Citizen’s Petition to FDA asking for a cessation of the Covid vaccinations. There may be useful information for you in it. We hope this information will be shared widely, and that the arguments contained in it will help with your work. It may be the basis for litigation in future to stop the shots. Here is an article about the Petition published in The Defender today.

Right now, we are asking everyone to leave comments to the FDA in support of our Petition. It is very easy to do so. There is a blue comment button on the upper left part of the page at which you can download a copy of the Petition: I also attached a copy of the Citizen Petition to this email. Please share widely!

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