A “smoking gun” on InfoWars today?

I’ve long had my suspicions about Alex Jones, as longtime readers of NFU know; yet there’s no question that he’s done important work (which tends to be discounted because he’s the one who’s done it— what we might call “the Trump effect”).

That said, this looks to be important, and, perhaps, a sign of trouble for the Gates/Fauci juggernaut. (I very much appreciate Jones’ noting the malefic grins and chuckles with which Gates has told his reverent questioners what they see as some awful truths; and, of course, Jones is to be commended for underscoring the eugenic purpose of the technocratic coup that those freaks are doing everything they can to carry out.)

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Bravo for overlooking your suspicions to beat the bigger enemy and kudos on the blog.

Hey Mark,
thanks as always for your potent posting and insightful comments.
Regarding your points about Jones, I think it’s important to note another element to our crisis; namely, it’s not just the dangers surrounding the vaccine-police-state, but also the POLITICAL ARENA where con-artist puppets like Jones and Tucker Carlson play a vital role in keeping ‘we, the people’ divided – along with the egghead ‘left’ which is historically out-smarting itself yet again.
Jones and Carlson are promoters of ‘truth’ mixed with garbage. You see it constantly in their clips. They draw ‘conservatives’ and ‘independents’ in with the ‘bombshell’ truths then steer them political passivity and/or fealty to Trump.

The more ‘the left’ turns its’ eyes away from ‘conservative’ truth about covid, the more room this leaves for Jones and Tucker-fuck to spill some juicy truth and wrap it up into ‘anti-socialist’ ‘red-baiting, class-war.
They’re both fascists using the ‘libertarian’ banner for cover.

By all means, pass along any truth that squiggles from the lips of these cretins, so long as you remind us of the role they’re playing in the class war… keeping us divided, pulling the masses to ‘the right,”
cause their own lips betray them, providing the clues.

Lug is right… Jones has long time ago been exposed as a mossad/cia agent, he’s the king maker of controlled oppositions in the US.

What seems to be happening, is the zionists part of the establishment, which is the vast majority of it, are cleaning out the goyem cattle. Gates and Fauci are just the scapegoats, they thought they were untouchable and now their masters have thrown them under the bus, hoping the inquiry stop there.

But it won’t, humanity won’t stop until all the zionists involved in this, including the worlds king, jacob rothschild, are held accountable with assets seized. This is a global revolution, they seem to be in extreme panic mode and some actions as of late indicate such thing.

Notice the pictures of gates and eipstein released lately? Where did they come from, they are old as shit… So who ever was in possession of them had them for a long time already, why release them now? The establishment has a philosophy that humans blame scapegoats and then move on, books written by renee girard about that. They are wrong, the entire zionist mafia is coming down, not just gates & the who crew…

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