90% of pregnant women jabbed had miscarriages, reports new study in NEJM

This is clearly all about depopulation, in elite defiance of Genesis 1:28.

From Josh Mitteldorf:

Dr. Tenpenny cites a study in which 107 women in first trimester received The Shot, and 96 had miscarriages. At 19:00:

Here is the original article from the New England Journal of Medicine:

From Sharyl Attkisson:


I believe Dr. Tenpenny’s actual statement was accurate, it’s just the analysis/assumption made afterward that was incorrect. I took a look at it:

There were 827 pregnant women in the subanalysis.

104 of the 827 (7.95%) reported spontaneous abortions. (Most of the spontaneous abortions, 96 of the 104, occurred before 13 weeks (92%). So it’s not 92% of all pregnancies that had early spontaneous abortions, it’s 92% of the abortion total.

When looking at all the pregnant women vaccinated in the sub analysis, that equates to about 12% having spontaneous abortions before 13 weeks.

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