30 years ago, Dr. Robert Willner accused Anthony Fauci of genocide (MUST-SEE)

His past will soon be catching up with him, just as Bill Gates’ past is catching up with him.

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For those with the time, the full video is here:

More videos on that channel about the HIV scam. Also, once you wake up to the HIV causing AIDS lie, it’s so easy to see through the Covid scam because they are using the same tricks.

Dr Nancy Turner Banks, author of AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, is another doctor who spoke out about the HIV/AIDS scam. One of the tricks they used was changing the diagnostic criteria. Dr. Banks says that at the time of the HIV scandal, people in South Africa were planning on suing the gold mines (Barrack Gold?) for causing them problems with their lungs. So, they changed the AIDS diagnostic criteria to include lung problems, and the people could no longer sue the mines because now their condition was considered part of AIDS.

Speaking of the evil Gates, here’s an interesting bit from Real Raw News 😏 :

“A confidential source involved in Trump’s Deep State War told Real Raw News that Gates’ friendship with the convicted pedophile was the catalyst for Bill and Melinda’s divorce. Melinda had long been aware of Bill’s philandering with both adult and underage women, but had remained silent to protect her financial interests in the marriage. She reportedly told Trump that Bill and Epstein made frequent weekend getaways to Irma Lake Lodge. Although she admitted she had not personally seen the subterranean complex, she had paperwork and receipts proving its existence.

“‘He told me to pretend I was an underage frightened schoolgirl and to pretend he was a maniacal genius who liked to play with young girls,’ Melinda said. ‘For him it was roleplay, but it really wasn’t, because he is exactly what he pretended to be.'”

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