Was that a hit-piece on the USPS?

As I too have long been a defender of the Post Office and its crucial public status—and also don’t like being played—I’m sharing this suggestive email.

From Nelson Betancourt:

Hi Mark:

Is this a hit piece on the USPS?

If this is true, it’s outrageous and heart-rending! When did this start? When Trump was president? Under Louis DeJoy? 

But I am wondering about the timing…Today, the Senate had hearings to install three new members on the Board of Governors, who could possibly–or can–fire Louis DeJoy. Remember, privatizing the USPS is the prize, and I would not put it past them to smear the USPS and undermine its 95+ approval rating among the people of this country.

I am a strong supporter of USPS and its many initiatives to protect and expand it, i.e. postal banking, broadband network, electrifying the fleet, farm to table food delivery etc.

Remember: trust of USPS is the envy of other businesses.

We need to get to the bottom of this.

Nelson Betancourt

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