VITAL INFO for all those who’ve had the shots!

From Lila York:

I sent this earlier today before I watched the whole video.  Very high level discussion, much of it in technical medical language, but much information that was new to me. Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Cole, and a third who was new to me – Nasson?   One thing I learned is that the JNJ shot actually injects DNA from another person – which is why it is a total failure. Anyone who has had the shots should keep ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and zinc in their pocket at all times.  Sudden death is a possibility when exposed to a live virus later on. due to ADE. Also anyone who has had the vaccine should beef up Vitamin D3 levels to at least 5000 iu per day, as well as NAC, zinc, magnesium at 250 to 500 mg, and quercetin.  This is important information to pass on to anyone who has had the shots. 

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