Vassar “requiring students to be vaccinated [sic] against COVID-19” before the fall semester (but leaves some loopholes)

Note that Pres. Bradley—despite her claim that Vassar’s “planning is based on science-driven data”—has no clue that those “vaccines” are experimental; that those “vaccines” do not prevent infection or transmission; that those “vaccines” appear to make those “vaccinated” likelier to shed the virus, thereby endangering the unvaccinated; that death rates have been spiking since the “vaccination” programs started; that college students are at very little risk of falling seriously ill if they should catch COVID-19; or that there are inexpensive and effective remedies if they should catch COVID-19, which obviates the need for those “vaccines.”

Note too that Pres. Bradley’s perfect ignorance is not unique, but typical of university and college management—and, as well, the professoriate—throughout the US and beyond; because they all follow the New York Times, whether they read Times articles per se or read/see/listen to the other “liberal” media, which take their lead from the Gray Lady’s propaganda.

In any case, it’s fortunate indeed for Vassar’s students that the school will grant exemptions on medical or religious grounds. Let’s hope that they’re not pressed to take a harder line.

We will be requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before arriving to campus for the Fall Semester, with exceptions for medical or religious reasons. If vaccination is not accessible in your area, we will work to get students vaccinated locally. We believe this is the best way to ensure the health and safety of everyone on campus.  Because our students will be fully vaccinated, we will no longer maintain a closed campus. With our return to in-person learning and a more typical residential model, students and visitors will be free to come and go on and off campus as they had prior to the pandemic. We are also re-committing to our core educational model, and therefore we will no longer be offering a remote learning option.

At the same time, we are continuing to monitor federal and state guidance for employer regulations regarding vaccination of employees, which continue to evolve. We strongly urge employees to get immunized against COVID-19 at the earliest opportunity, after consulting their physician.  As state restrictions allow for more employees to work on campus, widespread teleworking will transition to a flexible workplace policy that provides for Administrators to request some continued flexibility, with supervisor approval.  The policy is currently being developed and will be made available in June for review and planning.  The transition will occur as early as the beginning of the Fall semester.

Protocols for the fall will be dictated by local and state guidelines; the use of masks, social distancing and other expectations that have become commonplace during the pandemic will be determined as we near the start of the semester. As always, our planning is based on science-driven data and predicated upon local, state and federal public health guidelines. Thus, plans are subject to change depending on the conditions this fall.

The journey we have all been on the last year has been strenuous, and it has shown that together we can be strong. By caring for one another and being thoughtful of everyone’s needs, the Vassar community can weather even seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

As we continue to plan for the fall, I will keep you updated on new developments.


Elizabeth H. Bradley, President
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

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