Trump says refusing COVID-19 “vaccination” is “deranged pseudoscience”

So he should write an op-ed for the New York Times.

Will his most loyal fans—as usual—agree, and go roll up their sleeves? And will “the left”—as usual—fiercely disagree, and reconsider their belief in those “vaccines”?

Or will both sides, or some on either side, now recognize at last that Donald Trump is a colossal fraud, not worth our being hysterically divided over him?

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He actually said, “The science bureaucrats are fueling that deranged pseudo-science,” which I tend to agree with. It’s using the “trust the science” narrative against them (“them” meaning the establishment pharma politicians). Guess I am defending Trump. I think he woke up millions of Americans, and that was no stumbling bumbling mistake. He propelled Mike Lindell to soaring heights, and now Mike is saying the vax is a mark of the beast, etc. lol. Are these “mistakes” from a colossal fraud? My guess is no.

I don’t think Trump was a fraud- I just think they got to him somehow. Back in 2016 (and earlier), he was questioning the vaccines and talking about how parents were saying their kids were fine until the vaccine and then they got Autism. But once he got into “power,” I think he soon realized he had no power. There’s a video out there with Gates talking about how he told Trump that a vaccine safety commission was a dead end and not going to happen.

Trump also had no power over foreign policy–there’s a good piece out there by Mike Whitney (“Tit for Tat”) on how Trump tried to move forward with his America first foreign policy and then was gradually pressured (via the Russia hoax) until his foreign policy was moved back to the way the criminal US govt has always done things. IMO Trump is proof there’s no way to take back America–the central bankers completely own and control the US and they’ve done so since 1913, when they got the power to print money out of thin air.

And on Mike Lindell- yes, looks like he’s getting a lot of truth out about the vaccines and the great reset on his new site:

And Trump Jr is speaking out against the Covid vaccine passports as threat to freedom and hill to die on:

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